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Part Twenty-Four is a continuation...Nathaniel's night on the town. I tried to make this character gay...with another character named David Pierce. Neither one wanted anything to do with the other. I tried Nathaniel with other hot boy-toys...nothing doin'. Nathaniel's straight to the point of disgusting. I attempted to have Nathaniel play the field of eligible ladies. He had chemistry points with the tart he hooks up with...and they hated each other on their first meeting.

I never give up.

Warnings: The usual adult content and language...but no nudity.

Taking the family van into the Downtown, Nathaniel Thatcher was set on celebrating his recent promotion to rookie on the Llamas. He decided to show off his new uniform. Yeah...sweats but it beats showing up in that humilating Llama costume.

Nathaniel: Yay...nice hips.

Nathaniel catches sight of the eligible young lady he met a few months ago...and totally did not connect with. Maybe it was because he was unemployed, thought Nathaniel. But the young man was willing to take another chance...for he's wanting some WooHoo...besides celebrating. Or is that celebrating?

Nathaniel: Well...hello there.

Martha: Hello. Do I know ya?

Nathaniel: I'm Nathaniel Thatcher...we met one afternoon.

Martha: We did?

Nathaniel: You walked past my house on a walk, one day.

Martha: Oh...yes! I didn't recognize ya. You were dressed...differently. I'm Martha Lynch.

Nathaniel: Yes, I was...now that you mention it. You appeared to be in abit of hurry, that day. Pleasure to meet you...again. I notice you have abit of an...accent.

Martha: Indeed, suh...I'm from Charleston...South Carolina. I do wish to apologize for my curt manner, suh. I was a little stressed that day.

Nathaniel: No need to apologize. I understand.

Martha: It doesn't forgive my behavior towards ya.

Nathaniel: It does. Believe me.

Martha: A gentleman would accept and move on, Mistah Thatcher.

Nathaniel: Hmmmmm...very well...I accept your apology. May we start anew?

Martha: Ah...very well.

Martha: So...you're are playing for the Llamas'? My brother, Matthew, is an ardent fan.

Nathaniel: Really? How about you? Are you an ardent fan?

Martha: I enjoy the games. I loved the mascot. They have a new one, now...I'm not particularly happy about that.

Nathaniel: You're not?

Martha: A month or so ago, they had a quite talented and handsome man. He's not there anymore.

Nathaniel: Seriously? I was the team mascot a month ago. I worked my way up the ranks.

Martha: Go figure.

Martha: You were the nimble and handsome mascot?

Nathaniel: Yeah.

Martha: *swoon*

Nathaniel: *rawr*

Nathaniel: I'm flattered, Miss Lynch.

Martha: Ohhh.

Nathaniel: You're quite lovely...Miss..

Martha: Call me Martha, please.

Nathaniel: Mmmmm.

Martha: *gasp* I love a colonial man.

Nathaniel: I'm as colonial as they come.

Martha: Ooooooo....

Nathaniel: *smoochsmoochsmooch*

Martha: Do you still have that mascot uniform?

Nathaniel: Hellsyeah.

Martha: Yessss.

Nathaniel: Wanna dance?

Martha: If we must.

Nathaniel: You're not fond of dancing?

Martha: Well, if you wanna to call what townsfolk here do as dancin'.

Nathaniel: I felt the same way, too...when we first arrived. Once you try it a few times, it's quite enjoyable.

Martha: I find this much more enjoyable. Abit of a naughty minuet, of sorts?

Nathaniel: We never had anything like this in Boston. *chuckle*

Martha: Is that where you are from, suh? You don't have much of an accent.

Nathaniel: I lost it over the years of travel.

Martha: Did you journey abroad, Mistah Thatcher?

Nathaniel: Please call me Nathaniel. And no...I didn't travel abroad...just all of the colonies. I never made it to Charleston, though.

Martha: Pity. In all your travels, you ended up here. Why?

Nathaniel: A new life...new start...after all the years of running.

Martha: Runnin'? Are you a man with a price on his head, suh?

Nathaniel: For no serious offense...believe me.

Martha: I desire to know the offense, suh. I desire to know who has his arms about...holdin' me close.

Nathaniel struggled to disguise the uneasiness growing over him. He knew he had been running...that he had been forced to leave Boston...that his sister, Felicity, had found a safe haven in this city...but...he could not remember why, no matter how hard he tried.

Wrinkles formed on Martha's brow as she gazed into Nathaniel's sad and searching eyes. Her frowning and curious face brought Nathaniel back...his pondering thoughts flitter away as he moved to embrace her.

Martha: Nathaniel?

Nathaniel: A past that no longer exists...it's a new life I want and an honorable one.

Martha: Indeed? It's comfortin'...I'm hopin' it's not a dangerous scoundrel takin' me...close.

Nathaniel: The one who holds you is but a simple man charmed by your beauty.

Martha: *giggle* Ah...it's a flattering scoundrel I've charmed. I'll let it be...for now.

Nathaniel: Now, I must ask. Why have you come all this way from Charleston?

Martha: Ya want to know if I have a sorted past I'm fleein'?

Nathaniel: What? No. Do you? *wide eyes*

Martha: Oh. Come now, suh. Do you favor honesty? Can I take you into confidence?

Nathaniel: Ah...that depends.

Martha: Upon what, suh?

Nathaniel: Well...uh...very well, I'm game. Why?

Martha: My brothers, Matthew and John, were forced to abandon their law practice in Charleston...because of me.

Nathaniel: Really?

Martha: Mmmmm...there was a threat to bring a charge against me. It would have brought shame upon my family.

Nathaniel: Yeah? *beginstowonderifhereallywantstoknowthis*

Martha: I was to be charge with indecency...with another woman. *smirk*

Nathaniel: Whaaa?! Hahahhaa! That's a clever story...you almost had me going there, for a moment. You have a wonderful sense of humor, Martha. *snort*

Martha: I'm not jokin', Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: You're not?! You mean it's true?! Holy...

Martha: It was only threat...but still, we had leave. It would have been a wee bit uncomfortable...we were all in the same social circle.

Nathaniel: How were brothers involved? They weren't there, were they?

Martha: Nah. Guilty by association...they are my brothers...and the delightful lady's husband was a partner. He was the one who discovered us.

Nathaniel: Her husband found you together? That must have been quite a...scene. *cringe*

Martha: Quite. He was angry...naturally. Once he got over that...he joined us. I threw that back in his face when he started making threats...seems his wife enjoyed me more than him in bed. Odd, he was a talented man.

Nathaniel: OMG! So...you like women...

Martha: And men...depends on my mood, suh.

Nathaniel: Ah...so...with the mood you are in, now...is there any chance...

Martha: What did ya have in mind, Mistah Thatcher?

Nathaniel: Back to my place...

Martha: Get out your car keys...

Martha: I don't mean to be pushy, Nathaniel....but I much prefer the side of the bed you are on.

Nathaniel: You do? Is it that important...the positioning?

Martha: Quite...very.

Nathaniel: Anything to make you comfortable and at ease, my dear lady.

Martha: Suave scoundrel.

Nathaniel: *sigh*

Martha: Your heart's poundin', Nathaniel. Nervous?

Nathaniel: A little. *wince*

Martha: Come here.

Nathaniel: OMG. *gasp*

Martha: This isn't your first time, is it?

Nathaniel: Well...sorta...yes...no...

Martha: I've been honest with ya...it's your turn.

Nathaniel: It's my first time with...a lady.

Martha: Oh...alrighie.

(Nathaniel's got such a nice ass. Oops...sorry. Where were we?)

Hot and steamy WooHoo...with so-so fireworks. Meh.

Damn! That was some expensive sex! Nice to know they both wanted it.

And boy...did they want it!!! Like...rabbits!

Water balloon fight to cool off...a want to fuck in the hot tub...another water balloon fight to cool down...a want to fuck in the van....another water balloon fight...and a want to fuck in bed!!!

Holy Shit! Nathaniel and Martha fucked four times that night....needless to say a Dream Date was achieved.

Then...at 4am...Martha decided she wanted to go home. What? No sleeping over, fucking Nathaniel's brains out and making him miss work? What kinda whore are you, Martha?

Martha: Ah...Nathaniel? Your dog's glowin'.

Martha: It's probably not my place to ask...but why did ya name a female dog, Mister Puggles?

Nathaniel: That was my sister, Anna's doing...she thinks the pug is a male.

Martha: Anyone with half a brain can tell it's not.

Nathaniel: Exactly. One more for the road?

Martha: Well...oh...you mean a kiss.





Mister Puggles had four puppies. Oh shit! Looks like the Thatchers are going to be hitting up friends and family for adoption. That's waaaay too many dogs...but it will keep Josiah busy. He loves Mister Puggles.

I named them Rascal, Ruddie, Rosie, and...I can't remember the name of the fourth one. Sorry. Two girls and two boys.

Anna: Mister Puggles?! Where did all the puppies come from?

Mister Puggles: From me, you dumb bitch!!


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