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John Thomson and Anna Thatcher worked feverishly in making their wedding plans. A simple affair at the Thomson house...family members only...a lovely garden wedding. But their daily lives continued and the families became more active and comfortable in their new role as members of the community.

James Thomson made every attempt to push aside all that had happened between he and Anna. He thought long and hard about what had transpired. Maybe he had made some bad decisions...hurt many people, family...but he was determined to start anew. James began with the decision to put his schooling to work. He had always wanted a career as an educator...tutor...teacher. Finally a position appeared in the local newspaper and he took it. He was moving along quite nicely...though only as a playground monitor. It was a start...and James felt confident he would gather promotions quickly.

Warnings: The usual adult content and language...and NO nudity, though it was tempting. Oops...there is one...I forgot.

Before his carpool ride arrived, James set to tending and spraying the last crop of the season. His tomato, cucumber and strawberry plants were coming along nicely...with his erratic care.

Erica arrived promptly...she was a stickler for time.

Erica: *honkhonk* Come on, asshole. I hate giving this guy a ride...I always haveta wait on him. He's got a fucking car...he can drive his own ass to work.

Later that afternoon, Alexander came home from school...and brought one fugly friend with him. Yuck!

Alexander: So, Orlando...what did you want to talk to about? Why all the secrecy?

Orlando: I guess we could have talked at the library...but I really wanted to talk to you in private. It's kinda sensitive. I'm guessing you might feel the same way as many of us. Kids at school like you...they listen to you. I was wondering...if you're interested, I have a club I am thinking of organizing and I would like you to be a part of it. I think you would be a valuable member...especially with getting it started.

Alexander: A new club? Wow. I'm flattered. What's this new club?

Orlando: There's quite alot us...I want to put together a student group against gays and lesbians.

Alexander: You what?

Orlando: Sweet idea, huh?

Alexander: Orlando...I'm sorry...but I don't think that's a sweet idea.

Orlando: Whadda mean? These kids...they're freaks and they're a threat.

Alexander: How are they're threat? I don't understand.

Orlando: They're around us...they're in the showers with us. It's creepy.

Alexander: Orlando...they're in the showers with us because they take gym class, they're sweaty and stinky and they don't want to go to their next class...all stinky...like the rest of us.

Orlando: That's how it starts, Alex. Naked, in the showers, and then one of them comes on to you...then they try to convert you.

Alexander: Orlando?! That's insane! They're not like that.

Orlando: How do you know? Huh?

Alexander frowned...he thought back...thought back when he first came to Simadelphia and began to make friends. He remember how overjoyed he was to meet Jacob Biddle, the adoped teenage son of David Pierce. Jacob was like Alexander...a stranger in a strange new city. But they had a common tie...they were colonials...but that was as far as it went.

Alexander: You are what?!

Jacob: You heard me...I trust you, Alexander. I'm...gay.

Orlando: They're animals, Alex. I don't know what I would do if I saw one of them holding hands.

Alexander: They're human beings, Orlando. They're not animals. In all honesty, I don't condone their preference...but we need to be more tolerant. Again, they're not hurting anyone...they don't deserve violence.

Orlando: What are you? A fag...lesbo lover?

Alexander: No...I am not. Maybe I just see them differently than you. I don't see them as a threat...I don't see them attempting to convert us, as you said. I just see them as people who...

Orlando: I was wrong about talking to you about this. I thought you were one of us.

Alexander: Don't think talking to me was a mistake, Orlando. I respect your opinion...but I don't agree with your actions. I'm sorry.

Orlando: We're not friends, anymore?

Alexander: I still consider you a friend.

Orlando: Okay. Can I use your hot tub?

Alexander: *rolls eyes* Sure. I have to leave for work in a couple hours...and I got homework. Excuse me if I don't join you.

Orlando: No prob. Thanks.

Alexander: Asshole, he thinks.

James comes home after a long hard day as playground monitor. A little down in the dumps, too. He didn't get that promotion to elementary school teacher. James lacked the necessary contacts (friends) to advance. Something for him to work on.

Meanwhile, fugly homophobe Orlando was soaking his prejudiced ass in the hot tub.



Orlando caught fire and John raced to the screams.

John: WTH?! Who are you?

Orlando: EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Help me.

(Let him burn, John.)

Orlando: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! My ass is on fire!!!!!

(Hmmmm....were you thinking about mansex in the gym showers, Orlando...while fondling yourself?)

Alexander races out...and screams about the hot tub being on fire. Uh...Alex? Your Daddy's on fire...because of your fugly homophobe friend.

John! Get away from him!!! You're an important character, dammit!!!

Jesus H. Christ! Where's the fire department?!

Well, it's about God damn time!

Put John out...and let the other guy burn. Please.

Alexander: Don't forget the hot tub!!! It's still burning.

Geez...I swear. That fireman is fugly homophobe's butt ugly brother?

John: Awww...I feel better now. Thank you, sir.

Orlando: Eeeee....my shorts are still hot!

Alexander: WTH?! I'm not feeling any love towards you over this, Orlando!

Orlando: What? I didn't do it, intentionally.

Alexander: Really?! You almost killed my father and burnt the hell out of our hot tub.

Orlando: Does this mean we're not friends, anymore?

Alexander: I have to get clean up...my ride to work is going to be here, any minute.

Orlando: Sir? I'm really sorry about this.

John: I don't know who you are, young man...but it's time for you to leave.

Orlando: I'm really sorry. I'm a friend of Alexander's...he said it was okay for me to soak in the hot tub.

John: Friend? No friend does this!

Alexander enjoys a cleansing soak in the tub.

Is he shaving his legs? OMG!

Alexander: Oh, Papa...I was so frightened...for you.

John: Truly? You appeared more concern with hot tub...but I believe you.

James...totally oblivious to the fiery hot tub incident...changes into his everyday togs and sets to finishing up tending the garden. I've gotta take that boy shopping.

While James worked in the garden...Orlando returned. Orlando is a little pissed off.

Orlando: Lalllaaaaallaaa.

James: Damn! The cucumbers and tomatoes are looking pretty good.

Orlando: *whistlewhistle*

James: *grunt*

(James really gets into the garden...his mind shuts down...and he's blind.)

Orlando: Haha! I'll steal their newspaper.

(This is getting boring. I need to get the Thomson's a garden gnome for enemies to steal.)

Orlando: Maybe I should steal some oranges?

(Go for it, fugly boy. They're grey...and the family never eats them.)

James: Hey! Get away from those fruit trees, you bastard!

(Now...James notices Orlando. You go, James. Stir up some ugly on his fugly ass.)

James: Take the newspaper, kid...but leave the fruit.

(Why? You don't eat it...and that newspaper is valuable compost. Idiot!)

James is such a pussy...he calls his father to deal with the delinquent.

John: Where's my newspaper? I love doing the crossword puzzle.

Orlando: I don't have anything.

John: Get out of here!

Orlando runs off. John spots his granddaughter, Libbie, walking by.

John: Libbie, darling! How are you?

Libbie: Great Grandpa John! How about you?

John: Oh...peachy.

Libbie: I'm so glad.

John: Dear...I must ask. Did your father and mother receive the wedding invitation?

Libbie: Oh, yes..they did. There's a problem, though.

John: Problem?

Libbie: Yeah...the day of the wedding is the day we move into the new house.

John: Why is that a problem? Your new home is right across the street from us.

Libbie: Well...there's all the moving. Momma's turned this move into an all day event.

John: Your father told me that he was employing assistants to help with the move. These people could see to that...and everyone could enjoy the wedding.

Libbie: Grandpa...you know how Momma and Papa can be? They want to make sure everything's perfect.

John: I know...especially your father...but, this is my wedding, we are talking about.

John: Is your mother still angry with Anna?

Libbie: Oh, no. They resolved that some time ago.

Libbie: Papa is a little concerned about Sara. She's just a baby...and that might not be what you would want at your wedding.

John: True. A crying infant can put a damper on things.

Libbie: That it could. *sniff* I smell smoke.

John: Oh...yes. We had a fire early today, courtesy of one of your Uncle Alexander's friends. I just shooed him off.

Libbie: Oh...I thought that was Orlando...and kinda wondered. We had a fire the other night.

John: You did? No injuries, I hope.

Libbie: No....just some property damage.

Libbie: Willie brought home some trampy girl named Tiffany. I don't like her. Anyway...Willie totally forgot about her. We didn't know she was still at the house until she caught the hot tub on fire.

Tiffany: Oh...shit!

Tiffany: Maybe it's time for me to leave. Oh, yeah...it's late...don't want the cops bringing me home.

Tiffany: Oh...that's getting out of control.

(What a skanky looking outfit.)

The Simadelphia Fire Department is quickly on the scene.

Fireman: Where's the fire, Miss?

Tiffany: There's no fire, Mister.

Fireman: WTF? I feel fire.

Fireman: Holy Shit! This is the eighth one I've put out today.!

(OMG! This is the same butt-ugly fireman from the Thomson fire!)

Fireman: I have saved the day...and another family. My job is done here.

Charles William: What was all the commotion about? I smell smoke. Oh, crap! I forgot about Tiffany!

While the fire raged outside...this is what the family was doing.

Awwwww....little Sara Rosaline and her mommy.

Felicity: Ah...my little nooboo.

Sara: *coo*

Benjamin: Hey, Papa? I'm a little concerned about some of my friends...actually their siblings.

Charles: Concerned?

Benjamin: Yeah...there's a rumor running around school about a vigilante group be formed to go after all the gays and lesbos in the high school.

Charles: Huh?

Benjamin: I don't understand. I think those people are magical.

Charles: What?! Go to school...the bus is here, thank God.

Felicity: Ready for a little nappy-poo.

Sara: *fart*

Felicity: Sweet dreams, my little angel.

Sara, in thought: But...I'm not sleepy.

Charles: Willie, keep an eye on your brother.

Charles William: How am I supposed to do that? I'm in high school...he's in elementary school...they're two different campuses.

Charles: Oh...well, do your best.

Charles William: Oh...man. *whine*

(Felicity worries me when she looks at me, like that. It means trouble.)

OMFG! NO!!! The vibrating dildo is worse than the beer!!!

And in the kid's bedroom?!?!?!?!

Charles, coming up the stairs: Felicity?! Where are you?!

Felicity: *gaspandquickchange*

Charles: Sweetheart? What are you doing?

Felicity: Oh...nothing.

Charles: Nothing? Why is the vibrating cock on the floor?

Felicity: It is? Oh..my Heavens...it is.

Charles: *groan*

Charles: Aren't I enough for you?

Felicity: Well...

Felicity: Hmmmm...if you had vibrating bunny ears attached to your balls...

Charles: If I had what?

Felicity: Of course, you are enough for me. I just like a little variety.

Charles: What?! Felicity!

Charles: I'll give you variety, my wife. Wait until we move to the new house...you'll see.

Felicity: What are you talking about, Charles?

Charles: No...you have to wait.

Felicity: Oh...Charles! What have you done?

Charles: Again...you'll have to wait and see. You'll love it.

Sweets: This house sucks. When are we going to move?

Sweets: I want to move, now! Rawwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrr.

(I think Sweets needs to have kittens. She's got raging kittie hormones.)

John: I am so glad to hear that there was little damage done.

Libbie: As was all of us. I really should be getting along...it was wonderful chatting with you Grandpa John.

John: It was good to see you, too...my dear. Give my best to the family and a kiss to Sara.

Libbie: I will. Say "Hello" to Uncle James and Uncle Alex for me.

John: I will.

Libbie: Bye!


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Jul. 10th, 2007 07:29 pm (UTC)
Where are all these fires coming from?

Felicity and Anna made up? I missed that.

OMG--Felicity with the dildo! And you said there was no nudity.

Did you create Orlando and Tiffany, or were they part of the program? And the same with the woman from yesterday who slept with Nathaniel. (What's her name? Martha, was it?)
Jul. 10th, 2007 08:23 pm (UTC)
Sims can overheat...soaking in the hot tub in the summertime...can cause them to spontaneously combust. When I was playing the game, I didn't know Orlando and Tiffany were still on the lot, until the fire alarm went off.

Yeah, Felicity and Anna made up. I hadn't played the characters together for some time and I guess they eventually forgot why they were mad at one another. I didn't play it out...because I was hoping for a fight in the story. Oh, well.

Orlando and Tiffany are townies generated by the program. Martha I created...and her brothers.

Oh...thanks for catching my nudity error. I totally forgot...I don't know how I could forget Felicity with a dildo. I went looking for her...and found her in the kid's room...practicing deep-throating. I hope Charles and Felicity's home porn videos don't end up on the internet.

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