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Weeks had gone by since his abduction and rape. That was how James saw it...a violation, cruel and unjustified...and James was still tortured by nightmarish memories almost every night. Why him? Why did he have to be tortured in such a way? Was it revenge for what he had done with his life, thus far? James's father had told him that the Stranger's created Simadelphia as a place to fulfill wants and desires. James had no desire to taken and molested...at least, he wasn't consciously aware of such a want. Where the Strangers who took him some vigilante group...some goon squad sent to set him straight? For whatever reason this horrid event took place, James was determined not to let it destroy him...consume him. It would never happen again, James told himself.

He would dedicate himself to his goal to be the finest and most respected teacher in the city.

James returned home early. He had not felt well the last few days. Today was a struggle to even rise from bed and head off to work. His appetite was practically none existance...and he wanted to sleep for hours and sometimes an entire day...his concentration was fleeting.

He thought Erica would have been reluctant to drive him home..but strangely, she agreed and had expressed concern regarding his well-being as he thanked her and got out of the car.

James took a quick shower in hopes of refreshing himself and changed into some comfortable togs. He felt no better. He called up the school's secretary and requested to take two vacation days. He was entitled...she reluctantly agreed.

As he hung up the phone, James felt a stabbing pain in his belly. The same spot were the aliens had given him that horrid shot. With a deep breath, the pain faded and the doorbell rang. James pretended he did not hear it...he stood there, silently, hoping the caller would give up and go away....and then he heard the front door open and footsteps coming towards him. A gentle and familiar voice..


There his brother stood...the last person he thought to see. Suddenly, James forgot all the dislike he had for Charles...and reached to embrace his brother.

James: Charles! It's so good to see you.

Charles: Ah...James. Are you well? I never thought those words to come from you.

James: I know.

James: I know.

Charles: Oh...my. Forgive me, James...but why...

James: Forgive me.

Charles: You are beginning to scare me, abit...James. What's happened to you?

James: *sigh*

Charles: You're shuddering. *gasp* Are you alright?

James: I'm fine...I just feel a little strange.

Charles: Strange, is right. This is not like you. You've always been condesending and rude to me. Almost hateful, sometimes.

James: Why can't I turn over a new leaf? Change my ways?

Charles: You're James. My brother.

Charles: Does this behavior of your's have anything to do with...what happened to you? With the Strangers?

James: Who told you? Papa? He swore secrecy.

Charles: He swore secrecy...with the townsfolk, James...not the family...or did you expect that, too. To keep it from all of us?

James: Well...yes.

Charles: Why, on earth, would you expect our father to do that?

James: Because of what happened to me.

Charles: I know...it was traumatic.

James: It was horrible...disgusting. I just want to forget all of it.

Charles: James...really, you won't forget...all of it.

James: I don't want to talk this, Charles. I know you trying to be understanding and consoling...but I'm just not in the mood.

Charles: You're...you are just not ready. Give it time.

James: Maybe you are right.

Charles: You know...I usually am.

James: Don't push it, Charles.

Charles: Ah....the brother I know...and love.

James: Hmmmm....it felt good saying that.

James: So...Charles...has Papa and Anna forgiven you and Felicity for making the move more important than their wedding?

Charles: Papa has. Anna, on the other hand, is being a little...hmmmm...bitchy, about it.

James: You're not surprized, I suspect.

Charles: Mmmm...not really.

James: Anna's good for holding a grudge. I would suggest to you and Felicity to distract her...give her something else.

Charles: Another grudge? I don't like the sound of that.

James: Nah. Throw a party in honor of her...and Papa. It should smooth this over...for the moment.

Charles: Whoa...Felicity's hasn't done well with putting together parties. The last few birthdays she's wanted to celebrate have turned into disasters.

James: Then you organize it.

Charles: Oh...no. I'm worse.

James: Grow some balls...get some confidence, Charles.

Charles: You're getting back to your old self.

James: Quit patronizing me, brother. You're the man of the house...act like it.

Charles: This is good. I dislike you, again.

James: But...I don't like it. I don't want you to dislike me. Damn, I feel strange.

James: Have you got plans, Charles? Could you stay for awhile?

Charles: I've got a better idea. Why don't you come over to the house? Felicity and I can give you the tour...you can see Sara. She's a toddler, now...she's adorable. And you could see our garden. Felicity's quite proud of it. She hoping to join the garden club.

James: That's tempting. A garden? It would be a nice change of scenery...and I would love to see Sara...but I've got a number of papers to grade.

Charles: Well, if you change your mind...you are always welcome.

James: Thanks, Charles. I'll let you know.

James: Damn.

James: Charles?! Wait up! I'm going to take you up on your invite!

Rebekkah: You searched the whole house and no one is home?

Alexander: No one. The car's gone...James won't be home until I leave for work.

Alexander: We're free....free to do as we like.

Rebekkah: I can't believe this.

Alexander: I really should do my homework.

Rebekkah: I'll do it.

Alexander: Dishonest.

Rebekkah: Yeah...but...

Alexander: Just this one time.

Rebekkah: Mmmmmm.

Alexander: Do you want to catch the last half of the Llama's game? I read in the newspaper this morning that Nathaniel's starting...maybe he's going to finish.

Rebekkah: If you want.

Alexander: OMG!

Rebekkah: That's Uncle Nathaniel! He's still in.

Alexander: Whoa...messed up that play, royal.

Rebekkah: Awww...but they're still in the lead.

Leave these two in front of the television...cuddling on the sofa...for very long...and this is what I get.

I gotta get these two into college...for their sanity and mine.

Alexander: Damn! My ride's here.

Rebekkah: Is it too late for you to call in sick?


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Jul. 18th, 2007 03:03 am (UTC)
I like how the whole thing is done like a visual script. The speach and the picture to go with it. I'll go back and read the rest laters. My man is hassling me for the comp right now :p I'm so selfish with it.
Do you remember where you got that fridge?(cabinet?) in that kitchen? :p it would look cute in my Victorian style homes.
Jul. 18th, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading. I like the storyboard method...I find it easier to read and enjoyable to write. I'm glad my Hubby doesn't use the computer...we'd probably get divorced.

The meat safe (fridge) can be found here.


It's located with the Medieval Kitchen. The Fridge is part of a set and is available with a donation. This is one of the few sites were I will pay for goodies. Frances and Lithium's work is amazing...I love it. I have the Church and accessories, also. It's awesome.

Jul. 18th, 2007 04:35 am (UTC)
Hey, looks like you've found a new reader. :)

Great to see James and Charles getting along. In fact, it's good to see Charles at all. It's been quite a few chapters since he showed up.

I got confused--what happened with Nathaniel? Alex and Rebekkah are on the couch about to make out--suddenly there's a strange reference to Nathaniel--and then it's dropped and they're making out. What did I miss there?
Jul. 18th, 2007 03:46 pm (UTC)
There's another person who expressed interested.

I'll be working up Charles and family after the next installment.

Ah...Rebekkah and Alexander were watching TV...sports. Maybe I need to re-write that caption. Sorry, it wasn't clear. My bad.

Jul. 18th, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
Oh. Okay. Now I get it.
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