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Alexander heaved a sigh of relief as Saturday arrived. He had been looking forward to the weekend since...Monday. He was going to start his first day at his new job. Though he was going to work only six hours today, Alexander thought he might call Rebekkah regarding recreational plans for the weekend.

Warnings: The usual: Adult content, language and nudity.


Hello? Mister Thatcher? Good morning, sir.

Yes, I'm quite well...thank you for asking. And you?


Oh...I know...it has been a frightful week with all that has happened...but it is good to hear that you and yours are holding up well.

Why, yes...I was hoping to speak with Rebekkah.

Yes...I'll wait.

*whistlewhistle* Think I called to speak with you, old...Rebekkah!

What? No...I didn't say anything. *cringe* How's my sweetheart, today?

Bummed? Because I start my job, today...is that it?

I'm sorry, Rebekkah. You told me you understood.

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This is a continuation of Part Eighteen.

Warnings: Lengthy, violence, adult content and language...and, of course, Nudity. There's some WooHoo.

John Thomson waited for days for a telephone call from Anna...but nothing. He understood she had much to think about. After all, Anna was comtemplating ending her engagement to James, his son...contemplating a relationship with him, her fiance's father...and...

John: Good God...I didn't realize how messy this whole affair was getting. But, I do love her...want her...she's better off with me. Oh...I feel selfish. Am I becoming like my boys, William and James?

Shaking away the thought, John settled back into his romance novel. Just as he was getting to the hot steamy WooHoo scene, John was interrupted by the calling of his son, Alexander, to join him in the hot tub. His youngest boy had something he wanted to talk about before leaving for school.

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Disappointment...that was all John Thomson felt. He could accept the skepticism of his sons, James and Alexander, regarding his experience with the Stranger. His boys had witnessed an overwhelming and strange event...but Charles's reaction left the old man feeling alone. Of all his sons, John thought Charles would understand...accept what he had told him. For all his faults, Charles always appeared to keep an open mind.

John: Why? *sob* Do I need to give Charles time to think about what I have told him? William? Why can't you give me a sign...some signal that you are still with me.

William's Ghost: Wait for it.

Warnings: Lengthy with 108 captioned pics, Adult content and language. NUDITY! I got a new penis hack/mod and there's dangly bits!

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Warnings: Adult content and language, lengthy, and wacky. Oh...and no nudity.

Charles felt a slight pang of guilt as he watched his father walk away....he had been aburpt with his father...he should have been more understanding to what had happened to him. Charles shook away the sadness filling him. He wandered in the yard and finished tidying up the shrubs...and...again, thought of his father's words...the recounting of that night. He winced at the thought of his beloved father being tortured on the flying vehicle. The Stranger...the Being which greeted him at the misty woods seemed so kind...and gentle, though odd looking. It had promised Charles no pain if he stepped into the mist and continued his journey to...Philadelphia. Charles almost dropped the pruning shears from his hands as the word Philadelphia echoed in his mind. Philadelphia...not Simadelphia.
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Alexander: Papa? Are you going to be stargazing...all night? I would like to work on some logic skills before bed.

John: Go bother your brother.

Alexander: Oh...come on. *whine*

John: You can have the telescope tomorrow evening.

Alexander: Fine. *poutwandersoff*

Warnings: Drunkenness, abduction, foul language but...no naked bathing in the Raritan River

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Another phase of life...Benjamin Alexander Thomson would soon become a toddler. Felicity set to making plans for this important birthday. Making the necessary telephone calls to family and friends...ordering the cake...purchasing the decorations, Felicity stood back in pride as she surveyed the display. It would be perfect, she thought.

As the guests began to arrive, Felicity greeted all and called to husband to bring their son to his birthday cake.

Warnings: Adult content, language, and nudity

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Warnings: Adult content and language...and partial nudity.

Happy family....though there were old grudges and hates from others...Felicity and Charles managed to keep a content household under their roof. The children, Libbie and Willie, continued to excell in school and Benjamin was a healthy and content baby. Feeling isolated from the winter season, Felicity decided, reluctantly, to expose her children to the extended family. Visits to their Grandpa Thomson's were filled with fun filled afternoons of play, fishing and BBQ's. Though Charles played the dutiful father and cared for Benjamin during visits, Felicity felt somewhat guilty that her beloved husband did not make these visits to his father's house. Well, maybe not guilt...more like envy. Visits to the elder Thomson's house met see James, her brother-in-law...something she could do without....but her children so enjoyed being with their uncle, Alexander. His boyish charm and energy was difficult to resist. Felicity understood why her sister, Rebekkah, was attracted to him. Her children adored him.

And then came the time when her children should become acquainted with her family, the Thatchers. Reservations filled her thoughts, but she hoped and prayed her family would be on their best behavior with her darling children.

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The Thomson House seemed so empty. William was dead and Charles was married...starting a family. This only left the old man, James and Alexander. They tried to carry on as though nothing had happened. Alexander attended public school and continued to obtain high grades....and made sad attempt after sad attempt to make friends. Sometimes he succeeded...other times he did not, especially in regards to the fair sex. James continued to patch things up with Anna Thatcher, though he insisted on playing the field and court other women. John Thomson, the patriarch, began to wonder what had gone wrong. He had high hopes for this new life in Simadelphia. He and his sons were together...life would begin anew. Old grudges and memories would be forgotten and their family would be whole.

But alas...

...this did not happen. The old memories and faults were still there. John Thomson began to think every thought of promise he had was nothing but a lie...false hopes. He held an odd feeling in his heart that he had been betrayed. Not by his sons...but by someone else.

Shaking these thoughts aside, John Thomson sought solace in his diary. The tattered book had become the only comfort in his life...for almost 70 years.

Warning: Adult content and language...and partial nudity. You know, the usuals.

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Okay...I screwed up and left out a huge chunk of my story. I was doing soooo well. I can't back-date this entry so now my story line is all fucked up.

Anyhoo...here's what you missed...it ain't much. And as usual...

Warning: Adult content, language, and nudity.

After her first night in the Thomson home, Felicity relaxed with a nice hot soak. And it also gave her an opportunity to warm up after Alexander's obnoxious attempt at a water balloon fight.

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It had been a dry Winter, but the last day, it really snowed...and it snowed HARD! Yay!

Warning: Hot Tub WooHoo, Fireworks, Embarrassing Where do babies come from conversation, and Nudity.

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