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A Wacky Crossover of Time

Colonial Sims - A Wacky Crossover of Time.
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The American Colonies.

The correspondence committees, secretive, are permitted by the British Crown to form a congress. A tolerance by the King of England...but to the political groups of the colonies, it is considered to be a small victory. The finest and most powerful of the political entities in America agree to come together in the city of Philadelphia. A hotbed of non-importation, reconciliation, and the whispers of rebellion, the fair colony of Pennsylvania's capital is the perfect and most logical choice. Boston is seen as a city of hot-heads and treason-minded trouble-makers. New York City is struggling to make its mark and cities of Richmond and Charleston are seeking neutral ground. One by one, the chosen delegates make their way to Philadelphia, the chosen city. Eventually this city would become the birthplace of independence.

But...you know the story...the history.

Until, I attempt to recreate it.

Making their way into this history, each of these historical figures and...my fictional characters...arrive to a crossroad. The fair weather which followed their journey is gone. Forboding skies take them as they are greeted by a strange mist...a fog. Which path to take? No one mentioned a fork in the road. How can this be?, each one thought. In their moment of indecision, a strange figure emerges from the mist. An odd-looking fellow. The figure appeared to be that of a man...until he came closer. No clothing...odd colored skin...and strange eyes. Large and penetrating...reaching into the soul of the traveler...it speaks, but its lips do not move.

Need directions, friend? I can aid you. Take the path to the right...it shall take you where you need to go. Have no fear of the mist...it will not harm you. It will help you.

Without thought....without contemplation, each traveler followed the stranger's advice. Or did it feel to be a command?

Down the path...through the mist, they journeyed on. Slowly a town gate came into view. Slowly everything they knew was gone...everything that they had...had returned. Family and friends long parted and long dead now reappeared. Joining them on their journey to the city. The comfort they felt with the stranger's words gave way to confusion and fear.

How could this be?, droned in every travelers' mind. What is this place?

Familiar sights...populated with strangely dressed citizens...odd transportation...glowing lights...conveniences which made the traveler's heads spin. Attempting to find some reality in all of this, these travelers...these characters try to carrying on the task which brought them to Philadelphia.


they are not in Philadelphia.

They have arrived in...