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Studies....work...his darling, Rebekkah. It was all becoming so difficult to juggle. Alexander wanted to be able to devote time to all...but it...the job was becoming a burden. Maybe it was the last few days, he thought. He had told Rebekkah of his father's experience with the flying saucers...but he did not reveal all to her. Alexander did not tell of his father's words. We don't belong here.

Those words echoed in Alexander's mind as he went to school, everyday. They echoed when he was at work...they echoed as he labored at his homework. What came easy...was now a labor to complete. His father's words echoed in his mind when he was with Rebekkah, his sweetheart. They vanished for a moment as their lips met in saying goodbye on the bus...the words stayed away as they held hands walking to classes....but his father's words always returned when he had moments of inactivity. We don't belong here.

John: How was school, today?

Alexander: Good.

John: You're studies, are they done?

Alexander: Yes. I completed my homework on the bus ride home.

John: You did? You usually do that when you arrive home. Why? Why did you...on the bus?

Alexander: I wanted to get it out of the way.

John: Any particular reason why?

Alexander: Yes...as a matter of fact.

John: Alexander...you have been acting strangely these past few days. You tell me all is well with you..but. Is everything, truly, alright?

Alexander: Everything? No, Papa...it is not.

John: All is not well with you...your homework done on the ride home. Are there problems between you and Rebekkah? You both are quite secretive...vague.

Alexander: There are no problems between Rebekkah and I. That is the only thing perfect in my life, right now.

John: Your employment?

Alexander: It takes away much of my freetime...from Rebekkah. But that is not what is troubling me...that is not why I want to talk to you.

John: Then what is it? I'm here...I will listen.

Alexander: *sigh* Several days ago, I told Rebekkah of your experience with the flying vehicle...saucer.

John: You did? Why? I thought you believed what I told you to be madness.

Alexander: I did...truly I did. Until...I began having dreams.

John: Dreams?

John: Tell me about your dreams, Alexander.

Alexander: I couldn't tell Rebekkah...the most precious thing to me. What makes you think I can tell you?

John: I'm your father. I understand. I know.

Alexander: You don't know...you don't understand.

John: Oh...but I do. I saw your life...I saw James's...I saw Charles's life....and William's. Believe me, I know.

Alexander: All because of the Stranger...the Being? Did it show you...tell you?

John: Yes. Alexander, tell me your dream.

Alexander: Very well. I see no one...no figures...I only hear voices. Screams. Screams and cries for help...relief...begging for relief. It's pitch-black. All I hear is the screams and the smell of blood. The smell of Death.

John: Is that all? Do you see only this vision over and over, again?

Alexander: It is the same nightnare...over and over....but it is not all. There is an ending, of sorts. The screams cease with the crying...of a baby.

John: Oh...Alexander...

John: The screams you hear...that is your wife...Grace.

Alexander: No.

John: The cry of the newborn is...your son.

Alexander: Papa...stop!

John: Alexander. *sighwince*

Alexander: Papa! Enough!

Alexander: All because of those Beings. How could they tell you all of this? How could they create all of this, as you say?

John: My boy. There has always been things we, as mortals, can not explain. All I did...was share with you what was shared with me. The Being's intentions were good...honorable. They were only thinking of our happiness...but they are having doubts of what they have done.

John: They...meant no harm. They only intended for us...all of us...all who they brought here...to achieve the happiness we felt robbed of in our lives. Those unfulfilled desires and wants.

Alexander: *frown* What did they tell you of my life, Papa?

John: You're wanting an answer to your dream?

Alexander: Yes.

John: Your wife died in childbirth...your son lived. He became a man...he...

Alexander: That's enough. I don't want to know his name.

John: *gaspsigh*

John: Are you sure?

Alexander: Yes...I am very sure.

John: I will honor that.

Alexander: I hate to ask this...but...have you told Anna any of this?

John: I have not. How do you think she would react? Look how you, reacted...your brothers. I can only imagine how Rebekkah took your news...your revealing. You thought me mad...fried.

Alexander: She reacted much like me...in total disbelief. It is a great deal in swallow...but I didn't tell her everything.

John: What didn't you tell Rebekkah?

Alexander: Besides the dream, I didn't share the words you spoke. I didn't tell her what you said...We didn't belong here. That we were being used...manipulated.

John: We are not being manipulated, Alexander. We are being allowed to relive our lives. We were guided here because we...our spirits...felt unfulfilled...that's all. No one is guiding our lives here.

Alexander: The perfect afterlife. You know what this means, don't you? There's is no God. Everything we believed is false.

John: Not necessarily...the Being could be God.

Alexander: OMG...I don't believe this is going where I think it is. This needs to end.

John: It has. Your ride is here.

Alexander: Appropriate timing. I'll see you when I return...may we talk more?

John: I think we have spoken...shared enough, for now. Be careful, my son.

Alexander: Always. I want to talk about why we don't belong here...I don't understand.

John: Alexander...

Alexander: I have to go...we will talk. Bye.

A sadness fell over John as he watched his youngest son walk away. He had given Alexander the answer he wanted...or had he? For months, his two younger boys had avoided speaking of the incident. He had attempted to speak to Charles during visits with the grandchildren...to steal a private moment with him...but was rebuffed again and again. John felt Charles was in denial...the old man could feel it. Charles knew more...Charles was hiding something. This felt evermore true to John...now...now that he and Alexander had spoken and his boy shared the dream. If Alexander was having dreams...Charles must be having them, too. And James? Was his elder son experiencing the same thing? John wondered...if James was capable.

With a sigh, John rose from the sofa and peeked out the front window. Another rainstorm was beginning...darkening the late afternoon sky. The old man smiled for a moment...he was quite happy that he felt the need to secure a taxi for the day. He hated driving in the rain. John's smile grew broader as he thought of the moment he planned for he and Anna. That smile soon faded...James entered the room.

James: Another dreary day...it rains almost everyday.

John: Saves watering the garden...you could look at it that way.

James: True. How about a game of chess, you and I?

John: You and I? You've being awfully polite...

James: Polite? No...I just wanted to spend some time with you. Alexander hasn't been much fun lately...he won't even talk to me.

John: Alexander has alot on his mind...boys his age usually become quiet and moody. Nothing to worry yourself over.

James: I'm not worried...I just hope he brings out of it soon. It's annoying as Hell.

John: Just leave him be...don't make things worse for him.

James: I won't. I wonder if it's...trouble in Paradise?

John: What? I don't understand.

James: He and Rebekkah. Alexander's working, has his studies...and that leaves little time for his little tart.

John: *rolls eyes* Everything is fine with them...and don't call her that.

James: I wasn't calling her that as an insult. How do you know that...everythings's fine?

John: Alexander told me...we had a bit of chat before he left for work.

James: He talked with you? He could have talked to me...if needed advice.

John: Alexander didn't need any advice...he just wanted someone to listen. And you...are the last person on this earth who should be giving out advice.

James: I have my moments when I can be quite insightful...and I can listen.

John: You listen until you become bored...or fall asleep. God save the man you give advice to.

James: What's that supposed to mean?

John: I'm sure you have your moments of insight, James...but for the most part...well, look at you.

James: I'm a finely dressed gentleman with the manners of the day.

John: I don't mean physically and...as for that last comment...I have no comment. What I am saying, James, is look at your life thus far...in this town. Now...think about your past life. Look at it.

James: Past life? You mean in Delaware? As the son of a linen trader...well-educated...well-monied?

John: No...your life in the Carolinas.

James: I knew it! You're going bring up all the nonsense...the Being told you. For over a month now, we have had a much deserved break and now, you want to stir up things again. I was never in the Carolinas, Papa! I don't care how real your hallucination was...which I truly believe was drug-induced.

John: It's not nonsense, James! Alexander is having dreams...nightmares.

James: Well, of course...he is. He witnessed something very traumatic...you were taken away...came back babbling madness...and now it's coming back to him in his sleep. That's not difficult to understand.

John: But the dream Alexander is having...is from his past. Do you have nightmares from your past?

James: Nightmares from a past I didn't have? No, Papa...I don't. I don't need to lay my head down to sleep to experience a nightmare...all I have to do is be with you...and listen to your insanity. That's my nightmare, Papa...your insanity and Anna.

John: All that has happened is because of you and your actions, James. You can't blame Anna for this...nor can you blame me or even, William. You were the last and not meant to be the one.

James: Oh...it's all my fault, eh?

John: Yes...you were unfaithful to her...and, most of all, you took Anna with no intention of marrying her. That is a great want and desire for Anna. To find another husband...a good man.

James: Hmmmm...so she's found a good prospect in you? Elderly, stable finances, fine home...I guess you are a good prospect of a husband. But what about the rest? Keeping her satisfied in the bed and what-not. What if Anna desires another child? How are you going to live up to that want?

John: Anna has no desire to have another child. Rebekkah was all she wanted...so I am a very good prospect.

John: I am an elderly man...but I'm not dead, yet. Don't underestimate me, James. I have a few tricks up my sleeves.

James: I never knew. You know how to do magic?

John: No! That's not what I meant. There's more to keeping a woman satisfied...when just using what's tucked in your breeches, dammit.

James: Hehe! Don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't have a sense of humor, Papa. *snerk*

John: Good Lord, James. There are times when I can not believe I fathered you. *sigh* I'm going out...looks as though my taxi ride is here. Be a good boy and try not burn the house down.

James: Huh?

Walking out the front door, John was greeted by a refreshing breeze. It felt cleansing as entered the taxi. Surprizingly, this one didn't have a foul odor. As the Thatcher house came into view, it began to rain and John's heartbeats began to race, abit. Anna ran out to the taxi just as it came to a stop...the door slid open and John took hold of her hand as she settled into her seat. He held her hand as they drove on to Londoste, an up-scale restaurant in the Downtown. It came highly recommended as the perfect place for a private and romantic evening.

A thunderstorm kicked up as John and Anna entered the establishment...and a typical downpour followed.

John: Hurry up, my dear...you don't want to get a soaking.

Anna: I hate rain. *frown*

Host: No...I have no openings at that time...either. This is Londoste, sir! One must make reservations, at least, three weeks in advance. Sheez.

Host: Ah...Mister Thomson...welcome.

John: Thank you. I hope everything is arranged...all that we discussed in our telephone conversation?

Host: Of course, Mister Thomson. I only need for you...to do as we discussed. *wink*

John: *slipsHost200simeleons*

Host: Now...if you and the lady will follow me.

Anna: You didn't tell me we were coming here. I would have dressed a little nicer.

John: Nonsense. You look lovely...and there's no dress code. Shall we?

((That Host has got to be ugliest man in Simadelphia. That or he's a former boxer...hit too many times in the nose.))

Host: Just as you requested, Mister Thomson. A quiet corner for two.

John: Very nice.

Host: Enjoy your evening! I will send your server to your table, immediately.

John: Thank you. The server does not need to come right away.

Host: Very well.

Anna: I was hoping we could sit at the bar. *sigh*

Server: May I get either something to drink, besides water?

John: Ah...some champagne would nice.

Server: Certainly.

Anna: Champagne?

John: Why not...this is a special evening...our first real night out.

Anna: *smile* True...this is our first date.

John: You look so beautiful tonight, Anna.

Anna: Oh...you're just being sweet. I look horrid.

John: Don't ever say that.

John: Anything in particular you would like for supper?

Anna: Could I have lobster?

John: But of course...it's on the menu this evening.

Anna: *squee*

John: You can have anything you want, my dear. Maybe a little dessert, later?

Anna: Something with chocolate...and you.

John: Haha!

Anna: You said I could have anything I wanted.

John: That I did...I always keep my promises.

Server: Are you ready order, sir?

John: Yes. I will have the Filet Mignon and the lady will have the Lobster.

Server: How would you like your filet?

John: Oh...medium rare...pink but not bloody. What kind of vegetables comes with the meal?

Server: Asparagus.

John: Ah...good. An newly acquired favorite of mine.

Anna: Mmmmm...this champagne is quite nice...as lovely as your toast.

John: I meant it, Anna. I sincerely hope we will be happy together.

Anna: I know you mean it. I don't believe you are doing all of this...just to bed me.

John: I want more than that, my darling.

Anna: What?

John: I said...

Server: The chef cooked this to perfection. He out did himself.

John: Oh...

John: Mmmmmm...that smells wonderful...it looks delicious.

Anna: Ah...yes, it does. *pondersJohn'swords*

John: Have you given consideration to Rebekkah's desire to attend the university, Anna?

Anna: We've discussed it. My father will have none of it...he's abit old-fashioned when it comes to women and education. I might be able to pay for her studies...I have some monies set aside. If Rebekkah can obtain scholarships, it would make it easier.

John: Then you support her decision? That's wonderful. Rebekkah is a bright and talented young lady...she'll probably gather up every scholarship available.

Anna: I hope...the monies will be a worry of mine.

John: Don't fret over it, dear. It will all work out.

Anna: I wish I had your confidence.

John: You need some faith to go with it...in Rebekkah and yourself...and I do hate to see a worrisome frown upon your lovely face.

Anna: *chucklesandsmiles* Flirt.

John: Pah! I have all the faith and confidence in you, dear. I believe you are capable of more than you realize. Rebekkah got her talents and smarts from somewhere.

Anna: Not from me. She's very much like her father, thank God.

John: I see alot of you in her. *warmsmile*

Anna: *sigh* How's you're filet?

John: I find quite delicious. The server was right...perfection...but you tell me.


Anna: Mmmmmmmmmm....that's very good.

John: Indeed...but I think you made the better choice.

John: Do you mind if I sneak a taste?

Anna: Not at all.

John: Ah...I was right. Your dish is the better.

Anna: You're so sweet, John. I don't deserve this.

John: Why not? I believe you deserve a happy life. Anna, I love you...I love you, dearly.

Anna: And I you, dear. I truly do. With all that has happened at this point...I don't know.

John: If I could give you happiness...all the happiness you ever wanted, would you take it?

Anna: And not feel like a greedy whore?

John: Never think that, my love.

Anna: John? What's in that little box? *gasp*

John: The symbol of my promise to you. To make you the happiest woman in the world...if you'll have it.

Anna: Oh...John! Are you serious?

John: Serious as a heart attack. It's there on the table for you...my heart and all my love and devotion.

((Damn Server! What...is she afraid John will skip out on the bill? You just got a crap tip, bitch.))

Anna: OMG! *fansself*

John: If it is too soon, just say so. I will understand...I will keep it for when the time is right for you.

Anna: Oh...the time is right.

Anna: Oh...John! It's beautiful! It sparkles, so. *squee*

John: It sparkles...like your eyes.

((That's it...just toss the box over your shoulder. Never mind that fact it was solid wood...covered in fine velvet...and had gold hinges. God, I love Anna.))

John: Please, please...pleeeese accept it.

Anna: Are you sure?

John: Never more sure...in my life.

Anna: Positive?

John: Yes!!

Anna: It fits, perfectly. Oh, John.

John: Oooo.

Server: About your bill, sir.

John: Yess. *growl*

((Anna wandered off to admire her engagement ring. John paid the bill...and gave the Server a lousy tip. Dumb bitch...you just had to spoil a romantic moment by hovering like a vulture. As John got up from his chair...*boink* Oh...that Filet Mignon and lobster nibble blew out his fitness level. Poor John. He's going need to hit the gym. And hit it hard...Anna's turned off by pudge.))

John: Anna, my darling...I'm overjoyed you accepted.

Anna: It's hard for a girl to say reject a sparklie...and a dashing man.

John: You can begin making wedding plans as soon as you want.

Anna: Yay! I need a drink.

John: Me, too.

Anna: Can we get married, tomorrow?

John: Tomorrow? Oh Anna, no. When I said soon...I wasn't referring to the next day. Unless, you want a quickie wedding.

Anna: I can make plans pretty quick, John.

John: As can I...but let's take at least a couple of days. I want a new suit of clothes...and you're going to need to purchase a wedding dress. The reception will be a piece of cake. Hehe!

Anna: What's so funny?

John: Reception...wedding cake...piece of cake? *snort*

Anna: Oh...haha.

Anna: You're so silly, sometimes.

John: Silly, funny or silly, embarrassing?

Anna: Silly...funny.

John: We'll discuss wedding plans another day, my dear. Let's just enjoy the rest of this moment, for now.

Anna: True...tomorrow's another day.

Anna: Oh, John...you've made me so happy. I had hoped this would happen...I never thought so soon.

John: It would have happened sooner...if none of us had wasted so much time and feelings.

Anna: Indeed.

John: The establishment is filling up...let us go back to my house.

John calls up a taxi ride. It's time for a private celebration.

Pouring down rain...and James dancing like fool in the living room.

John: Damn! I thought James would have went out.

Anna: He's a mood spoiler, John...the man's got a reputation to live up to. Is Alex home?

John: He's still at work...thank God.

John: Anna? Wait. Be very quiet.

Anna: What? Of course, I am...but with that music blaring, James probably won't hear a thing.

John: *cringe* Just be careful.

John: Ahh...that was close.

Anna: What are you talking, John? He didn't hear anything.

John: I was a little concerned...you made quite a racket when you tripped up the stairs. You didn't hurt yourself, did you?

Anna: Just my pride. *wince*

John: I hope the supper was satisfying.

Anna: Oh...it was.

Anna: I was a little disappointed they didn't offer any chocolate desserts, though.

John: You had room for dessert?

Anna: No...but I'm craving chocolate.

((I hope that hourglass bubble doesn't mean John's going to be kicking the bucket soon.))

John: I have some chocolate syrup in the icebox.

Anna: Oh...that's kinky, John!

John: An ice cream sundae is kinky?

Anna: Ah...never mind.

Anna: You didn't invite me back here for chit-chat and ice cream, John.

John: No...that obvious?

Anna: Just a wee bit.

John: Are you going to tell me you weren't thinking the same thing?

Anna: Haha...you rascal.

((Damn! They ignored my making out prompts and went right for the WooHoo. Insatiable.))

((Rip-roaring fireworks with tons of Oooh and Boom factor. I rate that a 5 for Oooh and a 4.5 for Boom. No *doink* sound after that hot lovin'!! YAY!!))

((Awww...post-coital purrings.))

Anna: That was great!

John: Better than chocolate?

Anna: Don't push it, John.

((What the Hell?! Okay...John's little though bubble makes sense. He rolled up a want of have WooHoo in a car with Anna. Nasty! But...Anna's? I didn't have access to her wants...I have no idea what this woman is thinking. Does she want Winter to come? Go skiing? Have sex while skiing? I'm at a loss.))

((Dang! Old John wore Anna out.))

((Awww...John wants to snuggle.))

((John just can't let do of that thought of hot-sex with Anna in the car. Can't blame him.))

And the clock strikes nine...Alexander's home from work.

Alexander: Hey! Where is everyone?! I've got great news...I received another promotion!

((Behold...the Multiregional Sim of Some Question!! WTF?))


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Jun. 26th, 2007 09:56 pm (UTC)
When I read "Old John wore Anna out" I thought it said "Old Whore wore Anna out" and I thought, woot.
Jun. 26th, 2007 10:42 pm (UTC)

Jun. 27th, 2007 04:01 am (UTC)
John: God save the man you give advice to.


John: I have some chocolate syrup in the icebox.
Anna: Oh...that's kinky, John!
John: An ice cream sundae is kinky?
Anna: Ah...never mind.


Maybe John's hour glass bubble means carpe diem. Maybe Anna's skiing bubble means that from here on it's all downhill.

How much is a simeleon? Is it like a dollar? And btw, do you have to keep track of how much money each character has and spends?
Jun. 27th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
A simeleon is equivalent to a dollar...and I don't keep track what my Sims spend...it's household money.

I hope you're right about John's thought bubble...and wrong about Anna's. This couple is growing on me.

Oooo...your apt sunset pic!!!!

Jun. 27th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
Do all the sims have enough money that it doesn't matter what they buy? i.e. no budget?

I have no idea what the bubbles mean. Like one was a fried egg but you interperted that to mean the sim was thinking the other sim's brain was fried. If it had been me, I'd have thought he was thinking about breakfast.
Jun. 27th, 2007 08:40 pm (UTC)
I use a money cheat and make my Sims filthy rich.

The thought bubbles are what the Sims are thinking/talking. I take liberties with the interpretion for the benefit of my story. Mine think or talking about food/cooking alot.

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