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I couldn't think of a title for this chapter. It has the usual warnings of adult content, language, and one pic of horrid nudity. I apologize.

A few more men of the various households decided to seek employment. Yes, it was great fun having a leisurely life of unemployment. Enjoying the nightlife and making friendships without a care in the world...lazy days and evenings of studying and cultivating much needed skills now needed to be applied. Soooo....

Nathaniel Thatcher decided to fulfill a want to reach the top of an athletic career...to be a Hall of Famer!!! Naturally, he was required to start this career as the bottom of the barrel...as Team Mascot.

Arriving home, after another exhausting day of cheers and acrobatics...and wearing this humilating uniform, Nathaniel can think of nothing but stripping off the ridiculous costume, hit the shower and passing out. It's been a long month of servitude and taking the brunt of numerous tasteless jokes, day after day.

Early the next morning, Nathaniel heads off to work. He had finally been promoted...he was now a Minor Leaguer.

Nathaniel was proud as he went to catch his ride. His pride quickly vanished as the pug's ride came into view. It wasn't hard to miss...the dog gets a stretch limo. Well, the pug is a star, after all.

Before leaving to endure another torturous day in front of the cameras, Mister Puggles gives little Maxx a playful nuzzle goodbye.

Mister Puggles: You be good kid.

Maxx: No prob...I'll chew up a corner of the couch for you.

Mister Puggles: Fine...just don't fuck around with my chew toy. You're slobber stinks, kid.

No sooner that Mister Puggles's limo pulls away, Maxx...

TRANSFORMS INTO AN ADULT DOGGIE!!! (Behind the kitchen counter...no warning...therefore, no pic. My bad. Bad dog!)

And proceeds to defile Mister Puggles's chew toy.

Maxx: I'll give you stinky spit, bitch. Grrrrrrrrr.

Josiah: I talked to your intended awhile back about getting together for an evening downtown.

Anna: John never said a word about it.

Rebekkah: Ah...Maxx is doing something behind the counter.

Josiah: We discussed in length about the three of us going out.

Anna: Papa, he never mentioned...at all. Is it really necessary?

Rebekkah: Grandpa? Momma? Maxx...ah...he...he's not a puppy anymore.

Anna: That's nice, dear.

Josiah: Well, of course...it's necessary. A formality, yes...but..

Anna: But, John and I are not young so-to-be married's. This is a second marriage, for both of us.

Josiah: Yes...but I believe that some traditions should still be observed. We have been embracing all the new ways here in this city...I think we should hold on to some of our old ways.

Anna: I think you are using this as an excuse to go out enjoy a little nightlife, Papa.

Josiah: *sigh*

Anna: I understand. You stay home all the time and everyone comes to you. You need to get out...but not with John and I...maybe with Nathaniel.

Josiah: I don't know.

Anna: OMG! What happened to Maxx?!

Rebekkah: I tried to tell you...you didn't listen. Maxxie's so handsome. Come here, big boy.

Maxx: Let me lick you.

Josiah: Eh...he's was cuter as a puppy.

Maxx: You're hawt. Rub my belly...pleeeeeeeese.

Josiah's nose in a book...Rebekkah slaving away over homework she let slide over the weekend and Nathaniel comes home after an exciting day at work.

Nathaniel: Hey, everyone! You're looking at the new rookie on the team!

Josiah: He ripped away her bodice...again? I hope this tart receives compensation from that rogue for her clothing.

Rebekkah: Dammit! I hate mathematics!

Nathaniel: I made rookie, Anna.

Anna: That's nice.

Nathaniel: Thanks...control your joy, will you. Did you adopt another dog while I was at work?

Anna: No! That's Maxx. He transformed.

Nathaniel: WTH?

Nathaniel: Look at you! You've grown into one handsome boy. You want to make some puppies, Maxx?

Maxx: Not unless you're going to adopt a cute bitch for me.

Mister Puggles arrives home...and promptly takes a spot on her favorite chair.

Maxx: Hahhaaa...I'm NOT touching your chew toy.

Mister Puggles: Hey!

Mister Puggles: Who the fuck are you? Oh shit...they didn't send Maxx away and bring you into the house?

Maxx: Nah! I'm Maxx!

Mister Puggles: Not funny, asshole! Where's Maxx?

Maxx: I'm Maxx! I grew up while you were gone. Really.

Mister Puggles: OMG!

Maxx: What the hell?

Mister Puggles: This sucks. I liked you as a puppy.

Maxx: I thought he was exercising.

Mister Puggles: WTF?! You're stinky spit is on my toy! I warned you, flea-bag! Grrr.

Maxx: Oh...screw the toy! Check this out.

Mister Puggles: Yeah...it's Nathaniel exercising. Big deal, kid.

Maxx: That's not exercising...and quit calling me kid.

Mister Puggles: Whoa! That reminds me of an assignment I had awhile back.

Maxx: Huh?

Mister Puggles: Yeah...I had to lie on the bed...lookin' all cute...rollin' around...whinin' for attention.

Maxx: That's what you do for a living?

Mister Puggles: Hey...a girl's gotta do what girl's gotta do. I don't just do commercials, pal.

Maxx: That's disgusting.

Mister Puggles: Hey...he's pretty good. He might need to rethink this athletic career thing. Hope he doesn't break his neck, dumb bastard.

Nathaniel: 101...102...3...104. *gasp* Will you damn dogs quit barking!

Unable to endure the constant barking and growling of Mister Puggles and Maxx, Nathaniel calls it quits, showers, and lounges on the sofa.

Nathaniel: Those dogs creep me out sometimes.

Anna: Papa? I thought about what I said...about you not going out with John and I? Maybe it would be a good thing.

Josiah: Really? That's wonderful.

Anna: Maybe you and I could go to the Maple Springs Spa...and do some shopping for the event?

Josiah: The shopping would be nice...maybe a nice lunch...but the spa?

Anna: Yes...it wouldn't hurt to get you into a healthy exercise program.

Josiah: At my age?

Anna: Papa, John's almost the same age as you. He exercises regularly...and is fit as a fiddle.

Josiah: And John doesn't have any of the ailments I possess.

Anna: Argghh...Papa! You have half of your problems because you're a lazy slob!

Josiah: Anna! What a horrible thing to say to your father.

Anna: It's true. You used to be so active...with your hunting and walking. Then we came here and you gave it all up. The only time you walk...is to walk the dog.

Josiah: Well...that's something.

Anna: Grrrrr.

Josiah: Anna, my dear...I appreciate your concern...I don't appreciate your honesty, much...but I love you.

Anna: I love you, too. I just want you to live a fit and healthy life...and not be such an embarrassment in public.

Josiah: A pronounce gut is a sign of wealth and prominence.

Anna: Eew. No, it's not. Not in this town.

Much of the evening was spent teaching Maxx commands. He was grown up now and had to learn to be an obedient and proper member of the household. He still possessed the playful nature of a puppy...much to the annoyance of Mister Puggles. A puppy was easy and fun to play with...but, now...she felt as though she was playing with a moose.

As night fell over an eventful day, the dogs relaxed on their beds...the men of the household retired to leisurely reading...and Anna desired to work up her logic skills by stargazing through the telescope.

Rebekkah: Momma? I hate to bother you...but could I speak with you for a moment?

Anna: Certainly.

Rebekkah: Have you and Mister Thomson set a wedding date, yet?

Anna: We're thinking just before the Winter snows arrive.

Rebekkah: That soon?

Anna: Well...John's not getting any younger.

Rebekkah: I know, but...I thought you would want a Spring wedding, like Aunt Felicity.

Anna: Tempting...but I just want to get married and out of this house.

Rebekkah: What's wrong with living here?

Anna: There's nothing wrong with living here. Your grandfather has been very generous in allowing us to stay with him. It's just that...I've always wanted to recapture the freedoms of being a wife...like when I was with your father.

Rebekkah: There's freedoms with being a wife?

Anna: Yes...there are. With a husband, you set up your household...you entertain...you make new friendships and connections. Most importantly...you set the rules.

Rebekkah: I thought the husband rules the house...and the wife follows his lead.

Anna: That is what the man believes. Now, a wife could just let the husband set all the rules...but that woman is fool...and lazy. A real wife knows how to manipulate...coerce...coax a husband into creating a household which the wife desires and creates.

Rebekkah: How do you do that? I mean...it sounds so sneaky and how is a husband going to allow a wife to do such a thing?

Anna: The Sex.

Rebekkah: You're kidding? I thought it was just for making babies.

Anna: Oh, Rebekkah! Silly girl. The sex gets you everything you want...besides babies.

Rebekkah: How come we didn't have this talk before?

Anna: Hell, if I know.

Anna: Take care of your man's urges and he is your slave.

Rebekkah: Wow. It's that easy.

Anna: It is. Momma knows.

Rebekkah: But...it's that...dishonest?

Anna: What makes you ask that? It's not dishonest. You are seeing to your responsiblity to your husband...a little compensation isn't out of the question.

Rebekkah: But, the husband doesn't know. He just thinks he's getting what is required...

Anna: You don't make appear as that. You make it appear as though you can't live without it.

Rebekkah: But...if you truly love your husband, you wouldn't be able to live without it.

Anna: I wasn't talking about love, Rebekkah...I was taking about the Sex.

Rebekkah: How can you have the Sex without love?

Anna: Easily.

Rebekkah: Was it that way with you and father? I thought you loved him...very much.

Anna: I did...the Sex was easier.

Rebekkah: I don't know of this, Momma. I think you should marry for love and compatiability...not to get something. It hurts to think that you don't love Mister Thomson...and that you are just marrying him to get what you want.

Anna: I have feelings for Mister Thomson.

Rebekkah: Feelings? That's it. You don't love him.

Anna: I'll come to love him...he's great in bed, for an old man...I must say.

Rebekkah: Whatever. I love Alexander and I will give him the Sex...out of love and adoration.

Anna: What?!

Anna: You haven't...

Rebekkah: Oh Momma! Please! We just kiss alot...passionately...and we touch each other. That's all.

Rebekkah: You need to trust me. You didn't raise a slut.

Anna: I certainly hope not. I love you, Rebekkah...I trust you...but I don't trust...Alexander.

Rebekkah: You're talking about someone you don't know.

Anna: Really? Men are men...I don't care how old they are.

Rebekkah: Hmmmmm.

Anna: See...Momma's right.

Rebekkah: You're right about somethings...some men...but not Alexander.

Anna: We'll see. Just protect yourself...keep your pants on and make sure he's are zipped.

Rebekkah: Yeah.

Anna: Now...give Momma a hug. I need to work on some logic skills. Remember that I love you, no matter what.

Rebekkah: I love you too, Momma...no matter what.

Anna: I'm glad we had this talk.

Rebekkah: I'm not, she thinks. My mother's an user.

Maxx: I can't believe we are being asked...No...ordered to do this.

Mister Puggles: Quit bitchin', kid! I ain't thrilled, either.

Maxx: Stop calling me that.

Mister Puggles: Hey! You were a puppy earlier today...I can't help it.

Maxx: Maybe we could fake it.

Mister Puggles: Get real. If we don't produce some puppies, it's back to the pound for us. I ain't going back to that prison. I'll lose everything...the limo...the fans...the kick-ass doggie treats...and the money.

Maxx: Our puppies are going to be ugly as sin.

Mister Puggles: Shut the fuck up and get your furry ass in there!

(Hey! Someone needs to clean that doghouse. There's dirt flying everywhere.)

Mister Puggles: Easy, kid!

Maxx: Stop...calling....me...that!

Mister Puggles: Hey!!!

Maxx: I am the Doggie God!!! Raaawwwwwwwwrrrrrrr!!!

Mister Puggles: AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Somebody help me!!! Get this fucker off me!!!

Maxx: You're mine, bitch!

Mister Puggles: Miserable sack of furry shit!!! I feel so cheap.

Maxx: Damn! That was good. *sniff* Holy shit! That pug bitch let a fart.

Another school week began and Rebekkah counted down the days until her beloved Alexander had a day off. She understood his need to work...he wanted to save money for college. Rebekkah felt fairly confident that the numerous scholarships available who supplement the monies her mother would be providing.

Saying goodbye to Alexander on the bus ride home, Rebekkah was filled with sadness as she completed her homework assignments. She usually waited until after supper...but a guest would be arriving this day for the evening meal. The doorbell rang...Rebekkah answered...but no one was there. Suddenly she heard her name called...

Rebekkah: Hello, Ted! What brings you here?

Ted: I was in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by. Need help with your homework? That was a pretty tough assignment the teacher gave in Literature.

Rebekkah: No...I don't need any help. I finished it...all of them. No problem.

Ted: I didn't finish it. Do you think you could help me out?

Rebekkah: Oh...we have company coming over, in a few. I don't know.

Ted: Please?

Rebekkah: I don't understand, Ted. You're talking about studying Literature in college...yet, you have so many problems with the subject.

Ted: I'm not a smart as you, Rebekkah. I guess I could ask my Dad for help.

Rebekkah: Well...your father is a Literature professor at the Academy...that might be a smart move.

Ted: Ah...Rebekkah? Are you going to the Winter dance at the Sugar Bowl?

Rebekkah: Of course.

Ted: Have you been asked?

Rebekkah: No.

Ted: Well...I thought you might go with me.

Rebekkah: Ted. *sigh*

Ted: What?

Rebekkah: You know I going steady with Alexander.

Ted: Yeah...but he hasn't asked you, has he?

Rebekkah: That's not the point. Alexander's my steady...I don't go out with anyone else.

Ted: If he was a good steady, Alex would have asked you.

Rebekkah: Excuse me...but he doesn't have to ask me. It's assumed...we're going to the dance together.

Ted: I didn't want to say this...but...I saw him chatting it up with Meadow Thayer yesterday. I only caught part of the conversation...the main topic was the Winter dance.

Rebekkah: What?

Ted: I was a little suspicious. I mean...you and Alex being steadies and all. It just didn't seem right...the way Alex was talking to her. He was kinda flirty with her. I just thought you should know.

Rebekkah: You're full of it, Ted! I know what you are trying to do.

Ted: What? I'm just looking out for a friend.

Rebekkah: Right! Just to let you know...Alexander is suspicious of you.

Ted: Huh?

Rebekkah: And so am I....and I don't like it.

Rebekkah: Oh...look. Company's here. Gotta go.

Ted: Ah...okay. See ya around?

Rebekkah: I think not. Bye!

Ted: Eh?

(Ah...the typical lover's greeting. Oral assault. Poor neighbors.)

(Followed by the loving and respectful peck. *rolls eyes*)

John: How did your father take the news?

Anna: That we weren't going Downtown? Not well.

John: Oh. Maybe we can make it up to him?

Anna: Do we have to?

Anna: Rebekkah?

Rebekkah? Yeah.

Anna: John wants to talk to you.

Rebekkah: *groan*

Anna: Be nice...both of you.

John and Rebekkah: Huh?

John: So...Rebekkah...how is the school year going, thus far?

Rebekkah: Quite well...considering we just started.

John: Wonderful! Alexander is continuing to do well.

Rebekkah: Haha! Duh!

John: What?

Rebekkah: It's not surprizing. Alexander is quite the scholar.

John: Oh! Yes.

John: Rebekkah? I must ask. Are you comfortable with the thought of your mother and I getting married?

Rebekkah: Of course! You make Momma very happy.

John: I would like to think I do. My reason for asking is not because your mother...but...Alexander.

Rebekkah: Alexander? He's thankful for the happiness my mother has brought you.

John: No..no, my dear. You and Alexander are quite fond of one other...I'm just hoping that our relationship is not detrimental to your's and Alexander's.

Rebekkah: How could it be? Alexander and I were together first.

John: Rightly so, my dear. Thank you for reminding me.

Rebekkah: Oh. I didn't mean for that to sound...

John: It's quite alright, Rebekkah. So...have you decided which college to attend?

Rebekkah: I will be submitting my applications to the Academy and to the State University.

John: Not the Technical college?

Rebekkah: Hmmmm...no. I'm going to studying music and stage. Why would I want to apply for the Tech school?

John: I thought you might pursue the culinary arts.

Rebekkah: Ha. No. I want to pursue the musical arts.

John: Noble. Just protect your reputation.

Rebekkah: No need to worry. I will make all proud.

John: Of which I have no doubts.

John: I must ask. What made you choose such a path?

Rebekkah: I love music. I love singing. I love performing. I love making people smile.

John: You love making people happy...giving them a means of escaping.

Rebekkah: Exactly.

John: Your mother feels confident you will acquire scholarships to finance your education.

Rebekkah: Yes, it will supplement the monies she has set aside for me.

John: Does it worry you that you may cause a financial hardship upon your mother...with your want of a degree?

Rebekkah: *frown*

Rebekkah: You and my mother are to marry. You will provide her with some security...a home.

John: Some? I will see to all your mother's needs.

Rebekkah: *wide eyes fights to roll them*

John: My concern is your needs. I understand you may receive scholarships and your mother has a tidy sum of monies for your education...but...if it should not be adequate, I want you to know I can provide for you, also.

Rebekkah: *gasp*

Rebekkah: That is very generous of you, Mister Thomson. Your offer gives me much comfort and relief...but you have Alexander's education to provide for. Scholarships only go so far.

John: Indeed. I have set aside a generous amount of money for Alexander...and his brother, Charles, has donated a tidy sum, if needed....but I am marrying your mother and I can not help but feel some responsible towards you.

Rebekkah: Oh...Mister Thomson!

John: No..no, my child. There is no need to thank me in such a way. Your words of appreciation are enough.

Rebekkah: Oh.

John: I meant no offense, Rebekkah. Do not think I don't care for you...it just wouldn't be right.

Rebekkah: Okay...whatever.

Anna: John! What did you say to Rebekkah?

John: Nothing. I just offered to aid her with her education, if she required it. She wanted to hug me. I just didn't seem right.

Anna: What?

Anna: John...it only natural. She is going to be your step-daughter.

John: Oh...right.

Nathaniel: I'm going out. You all have a nice time.

Josiah: You're going out? Can I go with you?

Nathaniel: Uh...no. You've got company to look after.

Josiah: Oh...damn.


Jul. 9th, 2007 04:28 am (UTC)
OMG! That pic of Nathaniel! Holy sh*t!

Those dogs are so funny.

Jul. 9th, 2007 04:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that Llama mascot outfit is pretty...Oh...wait a minute, you're talking about the OTHER one. *snerk*

It was alot of fun writing for the dogs. I wasn't sure how I was going to work in all the pics I took of them...but I finally got a light bulb moment and came up with that and worked in the Nathaniel pic. I'm glad it was entertaining.



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