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Wedding plans are moving slowly...John and Anna are working like demons. Let's get on with this!!

The usual warnings...I don't think there is any nudity in this one. Jon? Correct me, if I am wrong.

Caught my first lightining strike!!! It would be the poor apple tree.

Damn! It's burning. I wanted to make apple juice this season. The Thomson never eat the crap.

Who runs out to check out the flaming action? James. I wonder if this boy is a frustrated pyro.

The rain put out the fire...fireman scolding...and...John heads off for another torturing day as playground monitor. This man needs to be promoted!!!

Bitchy Erica puts up with him....and his damn tardiness.

Erica: Ya know...you have your own car. Can't you drive yourself to work...and stop my pain of chauffeuring you?

John: I thought you enjoyed it.

Erica: Not. So...not.

After James heads off to work, Alexander and John begin the boring family traditon of conversation before heading out to work and/or school.

John: I hope that new friend of yours will not be frequent visitor.

Alexander: No...he won't.

John: I can't believe he set fire to the hot tub with his own body...and stupidity.

Alexander: Nor I.

Alexander: I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me to go into town...on my next day off.

John: Certainly. Why?

Alexander: I wanted to purchase something special of the Winter Dance coming up.

John: Of course. Maybe you should purchase a little gift for Rebekkah.

Alexander: I was going to buy her flowers. Should I get her something else?

John: Scents are always nice.

Alexander: Oh...very well.

Alexander: Papa? I wanted to tell you that I have applied for some college scholarships.

John: Why? You have no need of them. I am more than willing to pay for your education...and Charles has generously offered to assist you.

Alexander: I know...but...I'm doing so well in school...I thought to take advantage of the additional monies.

John: You should save them for those who are less fortunate, Alexander.

Alexander: True...I would be competing with Jacob for some of the funds.

John: There...you should withdraw your applications. Jacob, I understand, would be in great need of them.

Alexander: Mister Pierce does quite well, Papa.

John: Indeed. Mister Pierce provides for he and Jacob with the produce he grows and sells. But...it doesn't provide the necessary wealth for higher education. There's talk about that Mister Pierce is looking to marry a wealth woman.

Alexander: What? That's nonsense. Jacob has never mentioned anything about his father wanting to make a marriage. We're best friends...he would have told me.

John: Really?

Alexander: Yes...really. The only thing Jacob has mentioned is his father's displeasure in Jacob's decision to pursue a military career.

John: A soldier?

Alexander: Hah! Jacob wants to be a General! Damn, my bus is here.

As the school bus pulls away, Anna Thatcher waves to Alexander. She almost drops the gift she brings.

Anna: My sweetheart. A little thank you for all you have given me, thus far....and your promise to Rebekkah.

Anna rings the doorbell. No answer. She thinks for a moment...it's a beautiful day...her intended must be be enjoying a day outdoors and she wanders to the backyard.

And....is promptly pounced upon by her lover and husband-to-be.

One more for good luck.

John: Anna...what brings you here?

Anna: Oh John! Do I need a reason to visit?

John: Of course, not...

John: Wanna horse around?

Anna: Oooo...that's very tempting. Can you promise a quickie? I've got lots to do for the wedding.

John: Silly girl. Have you forgotten how old I am?

Anna: Ah...you got me there.


John: I've kept you happy, thus far...haven't I?

Anna: Oh God...yesss.

Anna: Hmmmm...now that I think about it, our first time together wasn't the greatest.

John: *gasp* I made up for that one occasion, didn't I?

Anna: Oh...yes, you did.

John: I'm like wine, my dear.

Anna: *giggle* Just don't turn into vinegar.

John: *ahem* How about that...quickie.

Anna: Welllll...I've got an appointment for my fitting in fifteen minutes...could you take care of me in that amount of time?

John: Oh...I'm quick...but not that quick.

John: You could come back after the fitting.

Anna: Oooo...no, I can't. I've must meet with the cake-maker...then, finalize our plans we made with the caterer...and I promised Rebekkah I would treat her to dinner out.

John: Damn.

Anna: You could come with us.

John: No. Unfortunately, I must be here when the contractor finishes the covering I paid for. It's almost done. It's a pity to have it removed after the wedding...but it takes up so much open space.

Anna: Pooh!

John: And the bridal arch is going to be delivered late this afternoon.

Anna: The arch?! Oh, John...I wish you had let me in on your plans for that.

John: Is it that special?

Anna: Yes, it is. I've never had a proper wedding. *blush* I never had a proper wedding dress and celebration...with my first. It was all just thrown together before Daniel went off to fight with the militia.

John: That was then...and you had a good marriage with your first. I want to give you everything you never had before.

Anna: *fightstear*

John: I took your suggestions to heart, Anna. You'll love it.

Anna: Red roses?

John: Of course. Our bridal arch will look lovely with the roses which surround William's grave.

Anna: What? William's grave?

Anna: We're not getting married in front of William's grave, are we?

John: Yes. I want his spirit to watch over us as we begin our life together.

Anna: Oh...John...this is...too...creepy.

Anna: I was hoping for here...near the pond.

John: Ermm...this was going to be the dance floor.

Anna: John? I really don't like the idea of marrying in front of William's grave. It just doesn't seem right.

John: Anna? I have loved you from the very first day we met. The pain in my heart to lose you to William was great...but...if you were to take one of my sons instead of me, William would have been my first choice. James, on the other hand, would have been my last.

Anna: James. John, please...you're making me nauseous.

John: You were set to marry him.

Anna: I know...but...I didn't. I'm going to marry you. I just hope William's ghost doesn't appear. *quease*

John: Our wedding's during the day. The chances are very unlikely. A shame...I would love to see him, again.

Anna: You're not getting squirrelly on me, are you?

John: No. Alexander and James have seen him...but, William has never revealed himself to me. I want it so.

John: I sat...waiting for James and Alexander to come home from work. I was lonely and though to call you and go into town...but, I didn't. We had been spending so much time with the wedding plans that I had seen little of my boys. James went to tending the garden and Alexander went to assist when they came home.

Alexander: Good God, James! Don't you ever spray these fruit trees for bugs. Yuk!

James: Yeah...constantly! These damn lady bugs are worthless.

Alexander: So...how are you dealing with the thought of Papa and Anna's wedding?

James: As a matter of fact, I'm dealing with it...quite well. They deserve each other.

Alexander: You want to kill them both, don't you? Don't lie to me, James...I know you.

James: Kill is a little harsh. Beat the crap out of them is more accurate.

Alexander: *rolls eyes*

James: OMG!

Alexander: What?!

James: Kittie!

Alexander: Oh God's sake, James. That's the skunk who's been eating your strawberries for the last week.

James: Why that little bastard! I thought it was a tuxedo cat.

Alexander: And you're looking at a career as an educator. God help Willie and Libbie...and anyone else you touch with your intelligence.

James: How about a game of chess, Papa?

John: No...I thought we would enjoy this lovely evening outside, together.

James: Papa, it's hotter that Hell out here...there's no breeze. You're hoping William's ghost will appear, aren't you?

John: Small want.

James: No, it isn't. Alexander and I see you out here at night. Talking to William's headstone...wandering about the yard as though you are looking for something...or someone.

John: I just want to know that he is still with us...in some small way.

Speak of the Devil!

William's Ghost watches as his father attempts to catch fireflies and James comtemplates the hot tub on a humid summer's night.

Success! John sit contently and watches his victims struggle to get free.

Enjoying their dying glow, John is oblivious as William's Ghost wanders about the property.

As Alexander and James enjoy a refreshing water balloon fight, William's Ghost decides to make his move and reveals himself to his youngest sibling.

William's Ghost: BOOGAHBOOOGAHHHHH!!!!

Alexander: Holey Shite!!!

William's Ghost then turns and scares the beegeebers out of James.

James: WTF?!

Alexander: Oh...that sucked.

James: What the Hell are you talking about? That was grrrreat!!!

Alexander: Well, I'm happy for you, brother...but...I didn't enjoy that one damn bit!

John: I can't believe it! I've wanted to see William ever since he left us.

Alexander: Yeah...lucky us, eh James?

James: I thought it was pretty amazing...it was cool.

Alexander: You would.

John: I saw no signals...no signs.

Alexander: Neither did we, Papa.

James: Yeah...it was...POOF!

Alexander: It wasn't "POOF!". It was more like...RRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

William's Ghost: God, I miss the hot tub.

John: Oh, William! Why won't you show yourself to me? I'm your father, for God's sake!

William's Ghost: You want it...they don't. *snerk*

John: You're just torturing and making fun of me, aren't you?

William's Ghost: Can he hear me? I thought he couldn't hear me. WTH?!

Anna: That was very interesting, sweetheart. I'm so sorry you didn't get to see his ghost. I really need to get running.

John: Of course, my dear. You enjoy your appointment and give my best to Rebekkah.

John: Here's a little something to remember me by.

Anna: Damn these appointments....I would have loved to have had more.


Jul. 14th, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
Glad to get the next installment...

Who runs out to check out the flaming action? James. I wonder if this boy is a frustrated pyro.

It seems to me that James, despite all his other faults, seems to really care about the garden. More so than anyone else in his family.

James: Why that little bastard! I thought it was a tuxedo cat.

LOL!!! A tuxedo cat!!! :D

Jul. 15th, 2007 05:02 pm (UTC)
Much of the garden work is done by James and John...Alexander helps out now and then. James has ran to every fire that has happened on the lot, with the exception of Orlando's hot tub incident.

I couldn't resist the cat comment. I've mistaken a few skunks for black cats at night.



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